Having a financial professional on your team can help make your journey to financial wellness a smooth one.

Why should you work with a financial professional? We understand. When it comes to finances, some people say, “I can handle it all on my own.” But let us ask you this: Do you fix your own air conditioner? Build your own computer? Fly your own plane? You use a professional because they have specialized education and experience. You know they’ll do the job right. And that gives you peace of mind.

The same applies with your finances. Suncoast’s team of financial advisors receive in-depth, ongoing training on investments, financial and retirement planning. Their knowledge can make your life easier, every step of the way. An advisor can help you achieve more satisfaction and confidence in your financial plans as well as provide ongoing support and advice throughout your financial journey.

Our financial professionals are easy to connect with (in person and virtually) and can:

  • Help you develop goals and outline a path to achieve them
  • Provide a second opinion on advice you have been given elsewhere
  • Identify obstacles that could pose a threat to your retirement and help manage them
  • Keep you on track with regular check-ins
  • Save you time by avoiding wrong turns and set-backs
  • Be a voice of reason when emotional decisions come into play

A pro in your corner whose number one focus is finances is a huge advantage. Start taking advantage of your Educators Choice benefits and connect with one of our financial professionals by clicking HERE. There is never a cost and never an obligation, just a benefit tied to Suncoast’s mission of enriching the lives of our members and of the communities we serve.